Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Red Roses with Apple

I've begun painting for the upcoming show at Piante Gallery in June.  Judy Evenson and I are sharing the gallery for the show.  I always like to get the big ones done first then glide along with the less intense (usually) smaller pieces.  This painting is 30 x 24 inches.  It's painted alla prima which is wet into wet paint.  When it dried in unfinished areas I had to repaint to maintain this approach.  Red is a color in a different category.....one can't mess with it by adding other colors to lighten or darken and if you do the beautiful redness is destroyed.  So these are reds right out of the tube and done with palette knife.  For a darker red I used cad red deep....for the lightest cad scarlet.  The rest of the items are studio props I use frequently.  I love shiny reflective surfaces.